Facebook Advertising

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Advertise on the World’s Largest Social Media Platform and Get Quality Leads That Will Grow Your Business

Facebook Ads is a platform that enables businesses to advertise and reach their target audience. It’s a cost-effective way to reach people based on the geo-targeting, interest targeting, and demographic targeting of the page.

How Facebook Ads Help Businesses?

The Facebook ads platform has simplified and enhanced the way that businesses can reach their target market. Facebook ads allow marketers to create highly targeted campaigns with specific objectives. 


These ads are cost effective and are highly profitable for businesses of all sizes, even those that use social media advertising for the first time.


PB12 Digital is a digital marketing agency that helps you turn your Facebook ads into a productive marketing effort. Our expertise in audience targeting will help you develop an effective strategy that will help you reach your target audience easily.

Want to know the benefits of Facebook Ads for your business?

– Reach a Wide Audience
– Full-Funnel Targeting with Multiple Form of Engagement
– Audience Transparency
– Variety of Ad Formats
– Drive Traffic Directly to Your Site
– Measurable Performance
– Keep Your Existing Audience Engaged



Our Facebook Advertising service can do so much to positively transform your local business and here’s a glimpse of what we do day in and day out.


We will identify your website's underlying issues such as broken links and speed issues it may have to help your in-house Web Developer improve its performance.


PB12 Digital has extensive experience establishing precise and creative Facebook ad audiences that enable our clients to more successfully reach and engage with their ideal customers.


PB12 Digital's team will provide you with the most successful ad formats to fulfill your campaign goals, as well as provide creative ad development services to ensure that your Facebook advertisements are reaching the appropriate people.


PB12 Digital creates captivating ad text that is conversion-focused. Our team has determined which sorts of ad content cause the greatest conversions thanks to our significant experience in planning and implementing effective Facebook ad campaigns.


PB12 Digital analyzes conversions and events for each of our clients' Facebook ad campaigns. We then take it a step further by conducting tests and making data-driven decisions about how to optimize ad distribution based on the information we've gathered through analytics.


We will submit a monthly report to show you how your campaign is progressing on a monthly basis.

What you should know how to get started?

Here's what we need to get started:

1) Get in touch with us.

2) Fill out the Facebook Advertising Questionnaire form.

3) We’ll set up a 15-minute call with you to discuss what we can do for your local business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Facebook Ads

Why should I use Facebook ads?

Facebook ads are a cost-effective way for brands to get the word out about their products and services. With millions of active users, Facebook offers great targeting capabilities plus a wealth of valuable user data to help make marketing decisions.

Is it worth spending money on Facebook for my business?

Facebook is one of the most popular online platforms to advertise products and services. It is an essential part of modern marketing strategy for businesses on the go. With a global reach of up to 2 billion people, it is worth investing in Facebook advertising for your business.

Do images work best for Facebook ads?

Facebook ads are a great way to reach your target audience and are very cost-effective. You can target specific demographics and interests based on their social media profile. Facebook ads must have images in order to be effective, so it’s important that you know what kind of images work best.

How many leads can you expect as a result of Facebook marketing?

Marketing on social media platforms is not about the amount of leads generated. It is about how long your audience will be engaged with your content and what impact it can have on their purchasing habits. Some companies see a 60% increase in sales from using Facebook.

What’s the difference between boosted posts and targeted ad campaigns?

With Facebook’s latest update, boosted posts and targeted ad campaigns are the same. Both will show up in News Feeds, but only the latter generates an ad purchase. Targeted ads tend to be more effective because they are geared towards a specific group of users. Boosted posts have a stronger emotional connection with their audience.

How do Facebook ads attract customers?

Facebook ads are an excellent way to target a specific audience and advertise a product or service. They are able to get in front of certain demographics, increasing the chances of attracting more customers. They can also be customized according to the type of ad that is being created, complicating the process for advertisers.

What are the different types of Facebook ad formats?

Facebook advertising is a way for brands to reach their target audience. There are many types of ads you can use on Facebook, including mobile ads, video ads, photo ads, and more.